What’s It Like To Be Anurag Kashyap Surrounded By A Mob

As a film buff, never have I had to hold back tears as hard as at this moment in time. Hundreds of people who had just come out overwhelmed from a screening of Mukkabaaz, wait with baited breath to see their favorite filmmaker in real for the first time. Everybody knew they were waiting for no one other than Anurag Kashyap. Even the other stars coming out of the screening knew these hundreds of people have gathered around only for Anurag Kashyap.

Moments before Anurag Kashyap was expected to come out of the screening, the kiosk boy promptly questioned the rapidly increasing crowd: “koi actor-biktor aane waala hai kya?”

I cautiously replied “kaafi log aane waale hain“.

And then the voices grew louder, the crowd got denser.

 AND there he was. Alive. Aware. Away.

The jolt of applause indicated that there were more like me in the crowd who were witnessing him for the first time in their lives. Hundreds of people walked up to him to congratulate him, to talk to him, to click a selfie with him. Young people, old people approached him alike. Some shook his hand. Some stood afar. And then one of them descended from the stairs.

Imtiaz Ali sat in the gallery upstairs with the rest of us. As he made his way through the crowd to meet Kashyap, there was a sudden shiver in the room. Everyone turned their heads in one direction. I turned around to see people standing on their toes to record the moment. Imtiaz Ali hugging his old friend Anurag Kashyap.

It was apparent that this wasn’t the calm and composed Imtiaz Ali we see in interviews. This was an overwhelmed fan who had the liberty to hug Anurag Kashyap.

He mumbled something in Anurag Kashyap’s ear as he hugged him. Fans knew what this moment meant. Emotions ran high.

Goosebumps. Heartbeat.

And then, this happened:

It’s stories like these that are passed along generations and yet, we often miss out on them.

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Yash Kasotia

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