Hugh Jackman

13 Bollywood Actors Who Could Be Perfect To Play Wolverine If It Was Made In India

While Hugh Jackman might have hanged the claws for good and moved on to better things, we cannot. We are still mourning the loss of him as Logan and while we continue to do so, our imagination is working over time. During Logan’s promotional activities, Hugh Jackman thought it would be a good idea for…

Hugh Jackman Was Great As The Wolverine, But His Best Performance Was In ‘The Prestige’

We love him as Wolverine but let’s face this fact – Hugh Jackman’s best movie was Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece The Prestige. Every now and then, we come across a new announcement about a certain actor being cast as a superhero. But for the entire generation of 90s kids, Hugh Jackman will be irreplaceable as Wolverine….

These Hollywood Actors Definitely Need To Be A Part Of The IT Sequel

Pennywise the clown has returned to Derry and has been scaring and scarring a whole new generation of kids. Red Balloons are now an epidemic and we can only wait for the adult version of the Losers club to get rid of IT once and for all. The sequel is scheduled to release in 2019….

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