Christopher Nolan

Hugh Jackman Was Great As The Wolverine, But His Best Performance Was In ‘The Prestige’

We love him as Wolverine but let’s face this fact – Hugh Jackman’s best movie was Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece The Prestige. Every now and then, we come across a new announcement about a certain actor being cast as a superhero. But for the entire generation of 90s kids, Hugh Jackman will be irreplaceable as Wolverine….

Dunkirk Movie Review – Here’s What BookMyShow Users Think About It

After the huge success that Interstellar was, it comes as no surprise that Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk was one of the most awaited movies of 2017. If you couldn’t catch the movie yet, MovieNation brings to you the best reviews by fans at BookMyShow who’ve watched the movie! Challenging Narrative to Rack Your Brains  A Visual Treat…

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