The Filmy Hyperbole: Here’s A List Of 7 Songs That Define The Alpha Male Of A Hindi Movie

The Hindi film industry is star driven and to be more precise – it’s driven by a set of alpha males. This is a global phenomenon that one can see across industries. It is the reason why women are always sidelined in totality. Apart from adding the oomph factor, actresses have little or no importance…

14 Bollywood Movies That Created A Blast At The Box Office During Diwali in 90’s and 00’s

Diwali is a special time for everyone. The newest tradition during this festive season is catching a Diwali release in a theatre near you. We are now used to expecting something spectacular every Diwali since these films have a way of becoming superhits. We have compiled a list of top hit movies since 1992. #1….

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