Are You A Budding Filmmaker? Here’s An Easy 5-Step Recipe For A Super Hit Bollywood Movie

Every filmmaker wants to deliver a super hit film. We are sure that no one would have ever made an “out-of-the-box” film trying to make a flop movie. Sometimes one has to stick to a tried-and-tested formula to get things right. Having said this, if you ask us what was Sajid Khan thinking when he made Himmatwala and Humshakalssome questions are best left unanswered 😛

Gone are the days when we used to see silver and golden jubilee celebrations of movies. Nowadays if movies generate income higher than the break-even point, then it calls for a celebration. Some of the filmmakers have mastered the art to reach higher with each passing film and there’s something common in all of them. Here’s a list of these few common things that loosely guarantee a super hit film.

1) Get an A-list actor

The first step for a superhit movie is to get an A-list actor on board. You can also bet on budding A-list actors like Varun Dhawan. Some of you might feel why Varun Dhawan? Abey boondi ke ladoo, Judwaa 2 nahi dekhi kya?

2) Action more and less physics

Thanks to the heavy influence of South Indian films that now we see a lot of flying actions in Bollywood movies too. Don’t believe us. Well! Ajay Devgn’s action scenes in Singham is a testimony to our point.

3) Item number that is not related to movie but correlated to its business

Add an item number featuring a hot A-list actress where she might throw the audience’s sexual hormones in a spiral by lip-syncing to lyrics like Main toh tandoori murgi hoon yaar, Gatkale saiyaan alcohol se! Balcony tickets might be available but first class ticket counters will have a houseful board.

4) Shoot in foreign locations and remote Indian culture and values

The cast might be shown as global citizens but there will be add-on scenes that are purposely put to enthrall the diaspora. Or else why would you hear Vande Mataram song when the hero has come to London for the first time and exploring the city?

5) Fill the screenplay with slapstick comic lines

Why struggle writing brilliant dialogues when all the humor and comic relief can be provided using the punchlines? Don’t underestimate this formula because it’s like “Manaa Dur Se Dekha Toh Mumphali Hain, Paas Aake Dekh, Tera Baahubali Hain!”

And at the end, if you have enough time – you can concentrate on the story too.

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