Mukesh Rishi’s Portrayal Of Allauddin Khilji Was Oddly Similar To Ranveer Singh’s

Do people remember life before the Padmavati Trailer? It was a simpler time. But now that its out, we’re never going back.


The story of Padmavati, based on  Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s epic poem has captured the national imagination through the deadly combination of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s marketing budget and Ranveer Singh’s gym membership.


But before Ranveer Singh played moderately misinterpreted Turkish king, the honour belonged to none other than Mukesh Rishi. The iconic villain of countless Indian outings including the infinitely quotable Gunda. He played the role in Sony Television’s short-lived TV series Chittod Ki Rani Padmini Ka Johur, which aired from May to August in 2009.

The Allauddin Khilji of 2009 isn;t too well remembered so let’s have a look shall we?



We’ll say this much. The predatorial, kajal-ridden, animalistic moustachioed villany is very much present across both iterations. And even though the trailer gives us only a glimpse of Singh’s performance, it might reveal how the movie might approach the character a little differently.


Even though this is speculative, the trailer reveals a character that they’re trying to play off as dark, yet not outrightly villainous. Evil, yes but not in the twirling a moustache while cackling off-screen kind of way. Khilji, as played by the brilliant Mukesh feels a little more familiar, less debatable. Take the very second episode of the season for example.

Khilji has taken over a castle and has figured out a treaty with the castle’s lord. But then he spots the princess and this happens.


And when the Lord begs that Khilji honour his treaty and spare the princess he replies with a swiftly placed –


So maybe this is being overly critical of a TV show that was cancelled before its time. But the movie might probably go for the same vibe, turning a political figure into an easy to hate villain. Except sexy, because Ranveer Singh is playing him. Maybe both might be accused of oversimplifying complex decision, turning a war into a sick quest for love instead of geographical conquest.

Which is fair, after all, romance has always been watchable on screen. But the show didn’t stray too far into mental stats and symbolism. It stayed in a comfortable place which we hope the movie might break out of.


But hey, the movie’s not released yet. and in the meantime, we can rewatch Mukesh Rishi killing it as yet another enjoyable baddie.

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