10 Hollywood Movies That Made You Develop A Fear Of Regular Stuff In Life

Movies have a great impact on our lives. We usually don’t realize this, but we often change our behavior to mimic someone who inspires us on the big screen. Where else would we learn to be more confident, romantic, or even sexy? Movies have also triggered phobias within us by making us fear things that are way too normal. For example, the fear of loneliness would make sense, but some of the phobias that movies have given us make it difficult to live life normally. Here are a few of them:

1. Aviophobia 

How can you travel long distances if you are scared of flying? Sully, a biographical drama about the 2009 emergency landing on the Hudson River, has us scared to even take flights.


2. Aquaphobia 

Gone are the days of frolicking about on the beach. After watching The Shallows, we are constantly on the lookout for killer sharks, despite knowing that they are not found in the Arabian Sea.


3. Coulrophobia 

It has not only made us avoid the circus or birthday parties, we are even scared of going to McDonald’s now. Here are more films that made us fear clowns for life.


4. Pediophobia 

How can we ever play with a doll again after watching Annabelle? The franchise has given us nightmares for a lifetime so much so that even children who play with dolls give us the jitters.


5. Nyctophobia 

It’s not okay to be afraid of the dark, given that we have encountered it every single night all our lives. But Lights Out has done some permanent damage and now we sleep with the lights on!


6. Herpetophobia 

While insects, reptiles, and anything reptilian always freaked us out, movies like The Great Wall made these creepy crawlies too real to handle.


7. Catoptrophobia 

What could possibly be scary about a mirror? We thought so too before we watched The Conjuring 2 in theatres. Now, there’s a constant fear of meeting an unwanted spirit through the glass.


8. Hodophobia 

After watching Train to Busan, we forever changed our daily mode of transport from trains to buses or taxis. To be fair, the chances of a zombie breakout on a Mumbai local is very high.


9. Somniphobia 

Our primal need became our greatest fear after we saw Before I Wake. Now, we constantly live in the fear that we might harm someone in our subconscious state.


10. Cynophobia 

Only a monster can hate dogs. That might make us one, given that Don’t Breathe instilled in us a fear of the canine species, after the terror Rottweiler we saw in the film.


Are you as affected by these movies like we are? Let us know in comments below and tell us which movies changed your life for the worse.

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