Here Are 6 South Indian Film Stars And Their Fatal Super Hero Names You Should Know About!

We all know who King Khan or Baadshah is in Bollywood. Salman Khan is called Bhai by everyone who loves him but thanks to Sultan, Bhai is now also known as Sultan. Amitabh Bachchan has earned the moniker of Shahenshah after being an Angry Young Man for decades. You can see how these names have a common connection i.e. these are the names of the movies the actors were a part of.

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But when we go a little down south to the three major film industries the situation is well, a little different. Fans adore and sometimes even worship south Indian film stars. They love these actors so much that they have gifted these stars unique and somewhat odd-seeming titles. There are also a few south Indian actors who have given themselves the titles. If you have any doubts, here is our list.

1. Golden Star Ganesh

Actor Ganesh was given this title because he did a movie titled Golden…not. He was given the title Golden Star because every film project he touched turned to gold! King Midas, anyone? Or maybe the goose who laid golden eggs?

Golden Star Ganesh has lived up to his title and his film Mungaru Male ran successfully for nearly a year which was reportedly the first time for an Indian language film in the history of PVR Cinemas. Moving on to odder titles…

2. Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu

Most of you know him as the funny heart transplant guy. This self-proclaimed Burning star is a Telugu actor who is always too hot. There is no other explanation for this title. Our SFW imagination ends here.
Itna bhi burn math karo, jal kar raakh ho jaaoge, dost.

Given his title, you would expect him to be in some high-octane action films and sequences but what you get is this – the aforementioned heart transplant.

3. Challenging Star Darshan Thoogudeepa

The only logical(?) explanation is that the actor goes around challenging anyone in his path. Oh, wait! He could be the Indian Barney Stinson.

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4.Power Star

There are two stars who currently hold this title. Puneeth Rajkumar (Kannada) and Pawan Kalyan (Telugu).  Maybe one of them should be rechristened Powerful Star to avoid confusion.

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5.Energetic Star Ram Pothineni

This is a questionable title. We will leave this one to you…

Ram Pothineni - Movie Nation


6.Real Star Upendra

If Upendra is to be believed, every other star is fake.

Upendra - Movie Nation


There are are a few names however that are not as odd and funny as the ones mentioned above. For instance, Vijay is called Ilayathalapathy, Ajith is called Thala whereas Chiyaan is the title given to Vikram by his fans. These titles may sound odd but it just goes to show how much the actors are revered and this happens only in south India!

Are there other funny titles that we missed? Comment below and let us know.

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