Love Watching World Movies? Here Are 15 Of Them You Should See At The Jio MAMI Festival!

The beauty of movies is that at the end of the day, they are personal. Even if the plot is generic, it evokes different emotions and experiences when we watch it and hence how we experience movies, differ. What sets cinema apart from any other form of creative medium is that it crosses barrier – barriers of language, mindset, and prejudice. And if this is the kind of cinema that you are really interested in, you are in luck.

Watching diverse films from various parts of the world is tough. But you can catch the best from the world over at the Jio MAMI Film Festival in Mumbai. The 2017 lineup includes some of the best cinemas world over. You can watch over 223 titles from 49 countries in 51 languages. The movie will be screened at 7 different locations from 12th – 18th October.

Wondering with so many films in the lineup which to go see? Here are 15 films that you must not miss!


Director: Anurag Kashyap
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Think Dangal but grittier. The film portrays aspiring boxer Shravan’s struggle to become a successful boxer. He falls in love with his nemesis’ niece who comes from a better background. The movie also is a commentary on the class system in India.

2. It Comes At Night

Director: Trey Edward Shults
Country: USA
Language: English

This movie does a great job of portraying the last survivors in an apocalyptic world. The last two families must stay quiet to keep the evil forces outside at bay. The movie is more of a character study and touches upon the internal conflict than the jump scares. This suspense you must watch!

3. The Summer Of Miracles (Athisayangalude Venal)

Director: Prasanth Vijay
Country: India
Language: Malayalam

Haven’t we all wanted to be invisible desperately at one point in our lives? This movie deals with a 9-year-old boy’s obsession with becoming invisible. His family cannot understand him and they further push him out. The sudden arrival of a teenage cousin adds to the confusion.

4. Mother!

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Country: USA
Language: English

This is probably the most commercial of films from the list. The Black Swan director  Darren Aronofsky does his best to make this film seem uncomfortable. It gets under your skin and Jennifer Lawrence gives her best as always.

5. Muramba

Director: Varun Narvekar
Country: India
Language: Marathi

In Muramba, you have a millennial couple who have broken up and then you have their families wondering should they interfere and do something to bring them back. The movie stars Mithila Palkar who is famous on the web-series scene.

6.A Fantastic Woman

Director: Sebastián Lelio
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish

A young actress Marina, loses her lover Orlando who is 20 years older than her. Instead of mourning, she has to deal with his family treating her as the probable suspect. It does not help that Marina has problems of her own; the struggle to live her new life as a trans woman.

7.Good Time

Director: Ben Safdie, Josh Safdie
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish

We’ve seen heist movies where everything goes as per plan. But what happens when it goes all wrong. A botched bank robbery sends Connie’s brother into jail. He desperately tries to get his brother out of it and his means to do so aren’t all clean. Robert Pattinson plays the egomaniac Connie with a thirst for violence.

8. Ajji

Director: Devashish Makhija
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Ajji (Grandma) is a regular old tailor. Her life turns upside down when her client gets raped by a powerful man. Will she seek justice or let it go?

9. Barrage

Director: Laura Schroeder
Country: France
Language: French

This movie tackles the extremes of maternal love. Alba finally reunites with her estranged mother Catherine; she was raised by her grandmother. But Catherine is not up to any good and kidnaps her own daughter.

10. Take Care Good Night

Director: Girish Joshi
Country: India
Language: Marathi

This film talks about a real danger of cyber crimes. What if you realized your most sacred moments in life have been uploaded online for the world to see, without consent? In the film, Avinash, a retired father-of-two has to grapple with the consequences of a cybercriminal attacking his family.

11. The Third Murder

Director: Hirokazu Koreeda
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

This Japanese thriller film is about a  defense attorney dealing with a client who is a self-confessed killer. The movie starts off making the plot very obvious for the viewer but towards the end, you start doubting the story – mark of a great script. If you love courtroom drama, you should watch this.

12. The Song Of Scorpions

Director: Anup Singh
Country: Switzerland, France
Language: Hindi

This movie is a rustic treat for your senses. Nooran is learning the art of healing from her grandmother who is a scorpion singer. Irrfan Khan is the local camel trader who falls in love with Nooran instantly when he hears her sing.

13. On the Beach at Night Alone

Director: Hang Sangsoo
Country: South Korea
Language: Korea

Younghee is an actress is in a relationship with a married man, who happens to be a filmmaker. She is confused and is struggling with her internal conflict. To clear her head she goes abroad to hopefully sort it out and this is her journey.

14. Signature Move

Director: Jennifer Reeder
Country: USA
Language: English, Urdu, Spanish

This movie is a lesbian rom-com that depicts the vast difference in how western and eastern cultures treat homosexuality. Zaynab is closeted and is a Pakistani living in Chicago who is a lawyer. She falls in love with Mexican-American Alma. The problem arises when Zaynab’s widowed mother moves in and starts looking for a groom for her.

15. Zoo

Director: Shlok Sharma
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Directed by Shlok Sharma, this movie talks about the gritty underbelly of Mumbai. It depicts four characters and their experiences. We have two rappers who come from polar backgrounds, one from a posh background the other who is a waiter and part-time drug dealer. Makes for a pretty interesting watch, doesn’t it?

Which one are you watching?

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