Justice League’s Final Trailer Is Here And The Hype Is Real!

DC fans rejoice! This year is going to be officially great (for movies obviously). After the most entertaining film, Wonder Woman, DC is giving us ‘The Justice League’. While we were left saddened by Superman’s death in Batman Vs Superman, the recent trailer is living up to the hopes!


The Warner Bros.’ marketing team has gone out of its way to ensure that Superman’s inclusion in Justice League remains a mystery. Superman’s death looms heavy over the trailer. It opens with Lois Lane dreaming about becoming engaged to Clark Kent in Kansas, only to wake up and find him still missing.

The trailer shows his absence, violence and war. Like Avengers, Bruce is building his team. Bruce Wayne tells Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) that he’s been dreaming of something dark coming for the world, and they begin to recruit other heroes.

The trailer shows the invasion and the impending death of humanity on one side and the other introduces the other team members. We have Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman (played by Khal Drogo), Flash and Cyborg. This is the first time, we will see other Heroes and the trailer looks promising!

The film will hit theatres on November 17th.

This is the first trailer –

Catch up with the second trailer –

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