Review: Golmaal Again Is High On Comedy But It Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

Golmaal Again is the comedy entertainer that you want to watch with your friends and family. There isn’t much logic at display, but it’s just a fun ride to be a part of.

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Horror comedy genre in India has been dominated by movies that gave its audience a horrific experience by playing a cruel joke on them. This was always going to be an uphill battle for Rohit Shetty and gang, and to be honest – they deliver.

There’s no doubt that no director understands the Indian audiences like Rohit Shetty does. He has produced some of the biggest movies of recent era. He once again comes back to the four characters which have now become a part of Indian pop-culture.

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The movie starts with slick cuts, fast cars and a little too many colors on the screen. Imagine if someone were given the task of creating the perfect pornographic material for Michael Bay and Edgar Wright. This is the scene you’d get.

The cars and the stunts seem like they’re are straight out of a Fast & the Furious movie. In fact, I wouldn’t even be surprised if I saw Vin Diesel in one of those cars. Ajay Devgan makes his quintessential ‘self-aware’ entry on two cars doing a Van Damme stance.

I really don’t know where the line of this self-awareness blurs into mere liye chalta hai.

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The movie is shot in a basic Goa set for any Bollywood movies. You know, the kind of set that feels like a Rohit Shetty movie. Rohit Shetty does so much for a Goa tourism that it’s a shame how he hasn’t been made the brand ambassador for Goa yet.

The tagline of Golmaal again is ‘no logic, only magic’ and that looks like the brief the entire film has been woven around.

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The plot is fairly simple. Five friends move into a mansion only to find it haunted.

Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi, Shreyas Talpade, Kunal Kemmu and Tushar Kapoor return to their old neighborhood to move into a huge mansion.  Tabu serves as the film’s narrator and guiding light to all the spirits that haunt it. How they solve this problem forms the crux of the story.

Tushar Kapoor does what he does best, play a role in the Golmaal franchise.

Johnny Lever particularly seems to be trying too hard to claw his way back in the industry after being rightly replaced by Rajpal Yadav and Sunil Grover.

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The music of the film is widely being referred to as catchy. Technically, that’s correct. Once you’ve been affected by it, it stays with you for some time.

Golmaal Again decided to remix Neend churayi meri from the 90s hit Ishq. The remix is horrible and it leaves us wondering why they didn’t remix the better song Mr Lova lova.

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As in its previous instalments, this movie also doesn’t care about logic, but what surprises you the most is the horror element.

Rohit Shetty movies have always been critic-proof. It’s also because of the fact that critics rarely understand the charm behind these pot-boiler masala movies. Movies have always been one of the primary means of entertainment in our country. Yes, if the movie is made really well it’s always a bonus.

But coming out of the theatre having experienced something that is pleasant has always been the top priority of a movie-goer in India. Those living in smaller parts of the country lead a tough life and after a day of hard-work at their offices, they don’t want ‘great’ cinema.

They want entertainment. And maybe an Ajay Devgn doing a split on two cars on the big screen provides them that.

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And Golmaal Again somehow manages to do this. It is a fun ride where it is even better if you’re under the influence of a post-Diwali hangover or high from all the smog around. This is probably not something you’d want for your brain but this is something you need in limited amounts.

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