13 Movies That Released on Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th – the unluckiest day ever. But is it truly unlucky? We have been believing this superstition for so long, that we do not even know why the day is considered to be a bad omen. We are advised not to start anything new on this day or we shall not succeed in the venture.


However, Friday also happens to be a movie release day, and most of the films released on this date have performed exceptionally well, contrary to the superstition. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Take a look at 13 movies that released on Friday the 13th and have yet been successful:

1. MSG: The Messenger

The ‘lion’ may be tamed now, but not before he delivered four blockbuster films. The second one was probably one of the most successful of them all.

2. NH10

This was the start of Anushka Sharma’s career as a producer. The star has only had an upscale growth ever since, with no superstitions bringing her down.

3. Grand Masti

Friday ho ya Monday, roz dekho movies gande! The unlucky date did not stop moviegoers from catching this sex comedy in theatres.

4. Cocktail

The movie may not have been a super hit, but it certainly became a cult classic. Diana Penty, who made her Bollywood debut, may not consider it so unlucky.

5. Ragini MMS

The film starred today’s wonder boy Rajkumar Rao in a negative role. It certainly wasn’t unlucky for him, given that he is at the peak of his career today.

6. Stanley Ka Dabba

Unlucky in India maybe, but the film was widely appreciated by critics and even got mentions internationally.

7. Peepli (Live)

Unlucky that it did not make it to the Oscars’ final list, but it was a huge honor for this low-budget film to be considered for a platform that big.

8. Money Monster

Lucky for us, we got back our star Hollywood duo, George Clooney and Julia Roberts, in this crime drama last year.

9. How to Train Your Dragon 2

Not only did this film open on a ‘bad’ day, its main star is a black dragon. So many superstitions associated with a movie that broke so many records.

10. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

With the profits this movie has made, you wouldn’t think it was unlucky to have released on such as inauspicious day, would you?

11. Eat Pray Love

Superstitions did not faze this Julia Roberts film from releasing in India and becoming one of the most-watched Hollywood movies of the month here.

12. The Expendables

Bad omens didn’t stand a chance against the might of Sylvester StalloneJason Statham, and Jet Li, who starred in this action thriller.

13. Fifty Shades of Grey

We were the unlucky ones who could not watch this film as the film board felt it was too controversial for Indian society. *Eye rolling hard*

So as you can see, it is perfectly safe to start something new on Friday the 13th. Just go ahead and do the best you can!

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