Deepika Opens Up About Her Struggles With College Education At Hema Malini’s Book Launch

Deepika Padukone was recently at the launch of veteran actor, Hema Malini’s book launch ‘Beyond The Dream Girl’  in Mumbai where she spoke to the media about her personal relationships and stardom. The Piku actress got candid as she shared her idea of relationships and the sacrifices she had to make in order to reach the place where she is today.


“As far as romantic relationships are concerned, they are complicated because it is difficult to find someone, who understands your success, your passion for what you do, who understands that maybe you earn more money (than him). It (at the top) is a complicated place to be in,” Deepika said.

Deepika spoke about how with success she realized that some people are just not meant to stay in life and only the ones that really matter, remain in our lives till the very end. She also mentioned how certain friends distanced themselves from her and how a few of her school friends got closer with time and now they make sure that they put in efforts to remain in touch.

A lot of people could not handle the success that came my way and sort of disconnected. I am not upset about it, that’s just the way life goes. People, who are closest to you and matter, understand,” added the 31-year-old Bollywood Diva.


Speaking of the sacrifices that Deepika made as she walked towards stardom, she spoke about how she could never go to college. She became a successful model after she finished her 12th standard and even though she was staying in Bengaluru, she would travel to Mumbai and Delhi for work really often.

“Then I tried doing my first year of degree, (but) I couldn’t do that. I tried distance education, I couldn’t do that as well. So, I am just 12th pass and my parents had a lot of issues with it back then,” she said.

Actor-Politician, Hema Malini also spoke about the tolls the stardom takes on one’s life. As she expressed her views about being lonely when one reaches the top position in life, she mentioned the hectic schedule that one has during this phase. She also shared her experiences of her past when her family wanted her to settle down but they couldn’t find a suitable match because no one of them had reached the position that she had.

What do you think about stardom and the sacrifices that come along with it? According to these Bollywood Divas who’ve made it really big in the industry, the path to success is definitely not a bed of roses and we appreciate the hard work and sacrifices that they’ve made to be where they are today.

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