10 Times Chak De! India Gave Us Major Life ‘Goals’ – Ab Kuch Kariye!

Who doesn’t remember Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of the badass coach of the Indian National Hockey Team? While it is considered to be one of SRK’s finest performances, Chak De! India is also one of the best sports movies to have been made in Indian cinema. Each time I watch the finale match between India and Australia…OMG! Still gives me jitters and fills me up with pride.

As the movie celebrates its 10th anniversary, here are 10 dialogues that always give us major ‘goals’.

1. Always look at the bigger picture
Chak De India Best Dialogues

2. Karma is a Bit*c, no?
Chak De India Shahrukh Dialogue

3. Always push yourself
Srk Chak De Dialogues

4. Understand your competitor to defeat them
Best Dialogues From Chak De India

5. Just never give up. Never!
Top Dialogues From Chak De India

6. Man up!
Best Srk Dialogues Chak De India

7. Hence proved, where there is a will, there is a way
Chak De India Top Dialogues

8. Get your sh*t together, mate
Shah Rukh Khan Chak De India

9. Keep your personal goals aside at work
Srk Chak De

10. Own it!
Chak De India Best Dialogue

Now that you’ve been inspired, go, surprise yourself; kuchh kariye, kuchh kariye..koi toh chal zidd phadiye.

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