How To Make A Girl Fall For You – Bollywood Style

Since the very inception of Bollywood, our heroes have taught us a few too many ways to get the girl of our dreams. Be it Maddy, Prem, Rahul or Raj, each one of them had that one formula and all of them succeeded.

However, it is also true that these formulas can lead you to jail eventually if you try them in real life but as they quote in the Bollywood movie – nothing is right or wrong when you are in love. So try the following at your own risk. We recommend having a lawyer’s number at hand:

1. Stalk her:

Follow the girl around till she says yes. Stalk her, go after her, creep her out. There is such a thing as love at sixth sight.

2. Lie about your identity:

There are too many liabilities in your real self, what if she doesn’t like your first name only because it’s not cool enough? Solution? Well, lie.

3. Sing and dance:

Songs are amazing and they do wonders too. Singing has always worked especially if you have random people dancing with you spontaneously while also being miraculously in sync.

4. Gift her everything you got:

Shower her with gifts. Stuff that she needs, stuff that she doesn’t need, expensive stuff and stuff that you need to survive. Well, she’ll be damn impressed and will *have* to give in.

5. Consider no means yes:

Forget about decency and respect because bro ladki ka na matlab haan. You know that since the first time you saw a Bollywood movie.

6. Make her transform herself, or ignore:

You must date a girl who dresses up sexy and has a stunning sense of fashion. Tomboyish and casual dressers are best fit for best friends.

7. Leave her for another girl:

Try your luck with other prettier girls, if they are cool then marry them. But if they happen to die, just go back to the best friend from college after 10 years and rest assured she will ditch everything to be with you.

8. Save her from your friends…errr…goons:

Be the hero of her life because clearly she cannot take care of herself. Ask your friends to tease and harass her and then jump in and save her from them. Tadaa – and just like that, you have a girlfriend.

9. Resurrection always works:

While all the above work pretty well, they are just so mainstream. Die and come back to life for her somehow. That’ll just get you the girl…pakka promise bro.

If you are the guy who is smart enough to know that these tactics don’t work on girls in real life, you should go and simply talk to her. She will talk to you in return and she might like you too, if you are nice. If nothing, she will appreciate your confidence.

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