International Tongue Twister Day: 7 Bollywood Dialogues That Will Get You Tongue-Twisted

A tongue twister is a great source of entertainment at parties. Try getting your friends drunk and throwing challenges their way. They are bound to mess up and give you a great time.


Now make your tongue twister challenges even better with Bollywood dialogues. We have a list of 7 dialogues, which assures hours of entertainment. How many of these can you nail without a slip-of-tongue?

#1. 4 drinks down, you can’t get these 4 words right!

#2. It’s easier to say it when you sing it.

#3. Damn that Khadak Singh!

#4. The papitas are sour!

#5. If Riteish Deshmukh can do it, so can you!

#6. Our childhood favorite tongue twister!

#7. Even a Kapoor will fumble on this one!

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Delnaz Divecha

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