Bald Is Not Beautiful in Bollywood

Money may not buy you happiness, but it can definitely buy you a better body, a glowing face and a full head of shiny hair. Surgery has helped wrinkles disappear, made the butt rounder, the waist thinner, and the nose smaller. Another fad is the hair transplant. Many male celebrities have undergone this treatment, and in B-town too!

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We get why celebs would opt for the procedure. After all, Bollywood has not been very kind to its balding celebs, unlike Hollywood. Akshaye Khanna is hardly seen in a movie a year, while abroad, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson are a fan favorite despite their baldness.

Here are a few celebs who are rumored to have had the surgery. What do you think – nice hair or nice docs?

1. Salman Khan

According to his lawyers, the Bhai of Bollywood missed his court trial while recovering from hair implants. Do you think that was simply an excuse or did Salman really get the transplant?

Salman Khan hair transplant - Movienation


2. Sanjay Dutt

The Munnabhai actor has reportedly had the surgery to regain his young look and dashing personality. The mop on his head in the Bhoomi trailer definitely makes him so!

Sanjay Dutt hair transplant - Movienation


3. Himesh Reshammiya

The composer-turned-singer-turned-actor used to wear a cap in his early days of fame. It is said that the cap was used to hide Himesh’s baldness. Now the actor sports shiny locks that would even make the girls jealous.

Himesh Reshammiya hair transplant - Movienation


4. Govinda

The comedy star reportedly took Salman’s advice and got the transplant. Remember those days when Govinda was MIA? He was apparently protecting his newly transplanted hair.

Govinda hair transplant - Movienation


5. Akshay Kumar

It seems that Akshay’s hair was not only falling, but also greying. So like many other celebs, he opted for transplant, regaining his younger look. Can you even imagine a bald Khiladi or an old Rathore?

Akshay Kumar hair transplant - Movienation


6. Amitabh Bachchan

Given his age, we are sure Big B has undergone treatment for his hair. That shiny mop is bound to make men of his age very very jealous.

Amitabh Bachchan hair transplant - Movienation


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