Bollywood Actors Who Have Mesmerized Us With Their Super Incredible Voice

Time and again, Bollywood has surprised us. Some of our Bollywood actors are multi-talented and have proven their worth with their great acting skills, dancing, playback singing, film direction and even playing a musical instrument. Enthralling the audience in India is certainly not an easy task. You definitely need some great talent and for some Bollywood stars, acting alone is not just enough. Their talent doesn’t restrict them just to acting but it goes beyond and the hidden talent they possess, genuinely comes as a surprise.
Let’s take a look at some actors who don’t just stick to acting but bring out the real singer hidden inside of them.
1) Amitabh Bachchan
One of the best actors in the world, Amitabh Bachchan has it all. From acting to singing, Big B does it with perfection and style. His voice has mesmerized many and his fans have fallen in love with him even more after hearing him sing.
2) Farhan Akhtar
There isn’t much this man cannot do. Apart from being a well known Bollywood actor, Farhan is popular as a music artist as well. He can sing and play the guitar which is really impressive.
3) Parineeti Chopra
Not many know that Parineeti can sing as well, just like her cousin. She is not just beautiful and a good actress but she can sing really well too.
4) Ali Zafar
Another actor with a bag full of talent. Ali is one of the few actors who can sing, act and play an instrument.
5) Shraddha Kapoor
She is beautiful, super talented and has an amazing voice too. She loves singing and has been seen singing at different award shows. If you haven’t heard her sing yet, you definitely should.
6) Akshay Kumar
The powerhouse of talent who can almost do anything is a good singer too. The song Mujh Mein Tu from the film Special 26 features Akshay Kumar and he sings his part really well.
7) Ayushman Khurana
An actor whose voice has won many hearts, Ayushman has been seen singing quite often in his films and why not? After all, he has such an incredible voice.
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