These 8 Goof-Ups By Bollywood Actors Are The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Bollywood celebrities are often known to put their foot in their mouths, especially when they are using Twitter or when they appear on TV without a script. Much to our delight and their embarrassment, the Twitterati and the general public are quick to point these out.

Case in point – Alia Bhatt‘s infamous Koffee with Karan interview and the recent goof-up by Shatrughan Sinha are all a part of this. But these aren’t the only ones we have much more examples of these goof-ups happening.

#1. Abhishek Bachchan on doing his own stunts

Abhishek once declared that he did his own stunts on the sets of Raavan but the presence of his body double M. S. Balram refuted this claim.

#2. Preity Zinta needed a 101 on politics

Alia is not the only one to mess up with political names. Her tweet – “Prithviraj Chauhan is r new CM; he’s the namesake of a fearless Rajput King! We hope he can b an inspiring leader & do justice 2 his name (sic)!”. This time it was Big B who corrected her.

#3. Sidharth Malhotra hasn’t had enough of Patrakhars

When Sidharth Malhotra was hosting his first award show he messed up Citylights actress Patralekha’s name calling her Patrakhar. Patralekha was sweet enough to not take offense.

#4. Priyanka Chopra on civilization

It is always a narrow line between offending people and just stating a fact. Priyanka Chopra when returning from a shooting schedule in Kashmir tweeted this – Phew… will b (sic) back to civilisation soon… yayayayaayayayya!!”. It is obvious this did not go down well with anyone.

#5. Abhijeet Bhattacharya on being homeless

The below scandalous tweet cannot be justified at all.

#6. Uday Chopra on changing his sun sign

Apparently, Uday Chopra loves Scorpions so much that he changed his birthdate to become a Scorpio.

#7. Kareena Kapoor Khan about the depth of her role

Kareena Kapoor Khan once commented on her role saying it was a very deep role and no actress had done something like that in the last 10 – 15 years. Well, the movie in question was Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon. She was at least right about the latter.

#8. Kamaal R Khan on Modi becoming PM

Well, no list like this incomplete without KRK. His statement ‘It is my challenge tat if Modi will become PM of India then I shall do sex change and marry with Karan Johar.’ certainly has many people waiting for the wedding invitation.
Which one do you think is the most hilarious? Tell us in the comments below.
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