It’s Avengers vs Justice League – Who Would Win?

Now that both Marvel and DC have their own team of superheroes, it’s time to put them against each other. If the members of Justice League and Avengers ever fought, who would emerge as the winner? We’ve pitted the heroes from the two universes against each other and here are the results:

Battle #1. Hulk vs Superman

Superman is a superhuman/alien whose only weakness is kryptonite and Hulk is a giant who’s virtually indestructible. But Hulk also fights in a blind rage and Superman could use that against him. Unless Hulk comes across a hunk of Kryptonite, Superman could use his brains and brawn to win this fight.

Likely Winner: Superman 

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Battle #2, Black Panther vs Batman

Both of them are rich people with a technologically advanced superhero suit that might as well be crafted out of money. But it’s not the suits that count here – Batman definitely has more experience than Black Panther when it comes to fighting.

Likely Winner: Batman 

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Battle #3. Black Widow vs Wonder Woman

Both Black Widow and Wonder Woman have years of training under their belt. But if it came down to a one-on-one fight, all of Natasha Romanoff’s martial arts training is likely to be overshadowed by Wonder Woman’s powers. This one would easily go to the Amazonian princess.

Likely Winner: Wonder Woman 

Source: L, R

Battle #4. Scarlet Witch vs Flash 

Flash and Quicksilver would be fun to watch, but since Quicksilver is no more in the Marvel universe (rest in peace, Pietro), Scarlet Witch would definitely be up to fight against The Flash. With her magical powers, she could control Flash’s mind without even touching him and make his powers become useless.

Likely Winner: Scarlet Witch 

Source: L, R

Battle #5. Thor vs Aquaman

The god of thunder against the ruler of the seas would be worthy opponents for a solo fight. If this were a fist-fight without powers, it might have been a tie, but when it comes to powers Thor has electricity that he can summon anywhere and Aquaman is only powerful near the water.  Even then, one zap from Thor in water would be deadly.

Likely Winner: Thor 

Source: L, R

Battle #6. Captain America vs Green Lantern

Green Lantern isn’t technically a part of DC movie universe right now, and Ryan Reynolds has become another superhero, but if Captain America had to fight someone from Justice League, it has to be Green Lantern. Green Lantern can make anything out of his ring, but Captain America’s shield can block all those attacks and he has a better strategy too.

Likely Winner: Captain America

Source: L, R

Battle #7: Iron Man vs Cyborg

And now it’s time to see who would win in a fight of metal against metal. Tony Stark has perfected his suit over the years from a barely functional get-up made from spare parts to a lean, mean, killing machine, but Cyborg has guns for hands. But in the end, Cyborg is new to the game and doesn’t stand a chance against Iron Man and his army of iron suits.

Likely Winner: Iron Man 

Source: L, R

Clearly, Avengers are a winner with one point lead here. Do you agree?

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