10 Pictures That Prove Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Is Only A Human Who Makes Mistakes

“To err is human; to forgive, divine”

In India, celebrities are no longer treated as fellow human beings, but as gods and goddesses. So when they make mistakes like most humans do, we find it hard to forgive them. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – who celebrates her birthday today – has also been given this divine status, because of her unmatched beauty. But even the most beautiful woman in the world has made mistakes in the past, and we are not just talking about her bad movie decisions.

Here are 10 instances when the actress has shocked us with poor beauty choices.


#1. Cannes Film Festival 2003

This was probably Aishwarya’s worst year at Cannes in terms of fashion.



#2. Cannes Film Festival 2012

The gown by itself wasn’t so bad but the actress decided to pair it with a black shrug.


#3. Cannes Film Festival 2009

This teenage girl outfit was not fit for a woman as graceful as Aishwarya.


#4. Ambani Bash 2016

A heavily sequined kurta with a satin skirt looked very unflattering on the gorgeous actress.


#5. Sridevi Birthday Bash 2017

This dull yet shimmery gown seemed completely unsuitable, especially for a birthday party.



#6. Cannes Film Festival 2010

This elegant Elie Saab gown was ruined with the poof and extensions that went with it.


#7. AmfAR Gala 2013

While the gold-on-gold is questionable, the tight high updo with it was even worse.



#8. Cannes Film Festival 2016

This bold fashion statement made the former Miss World the butt of Internet jokes.


#9. Cannes Film Festival 2007

Even before the purple lips, Ash had made the mistake of matching her makeup to her outfit.


#10. Longines Boutique Launch 2016

This elegant look was ruined by the unblended concealer, too light for the actress’ otherwise perfect skin tone.


Like we said, she is just a human who made a few errors. This has not stopped Aishwarya from being the most beautiful woman in the world for so many years. Happy birthday, Ash!

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