The Unlikely Pairing Of Virat Kohli And Aamir Khan Is All Set To Hit Indian Television And We Can’t Wait

Aamir Khan and Virat Kohli are at the top of their game. And even though the duo isn’t one we’re used to seeing together, it looks like we’re in for a treat.

Virat Kohli

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But with Bollywood slowly migrating over to the small screen and cricket already being at home there, it is no wonder that Virat Kohli and Aamir Khan are going to be gracing it soon. (H/t)

The two will be teaming up for a special talk show over Diwali. The show is tentatively set to be in a conversational format where the two will simply talk about their lives and secrets over the years. While the two personalities are a very interesting combination, they’re really the most unlikely imaginable. So naturally, producers will go all out to promote the show before it’s Diwali run.

Virat Kohli


It is the season where Indian televisions are lighting up with not just with the regular narrative soaps and shows, but with game shows and reality TV that we consume at an astonishing rate. What with Salman Khan helming Bigg Boss and Amitabh Bachchan dominating our living rooms every evening, there’s no shortage of highly engaging content across all demographics.

Virat Kohli


And Aamir Khan is no stranger to the idea either. His run on Satyamev Jayate was a great one and being the known perfectionist, he will definitely bring his brand of charisma to our sets once again.

And even though Kohli’s personality is one the public has seen through articles and brief glimpses on television, it would be great to get to know his more humane side.

So gear up, it’s going to be a Diwali to remember!

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