9 Characters Who Need To Take Massive Inspiration From Sridevi’s English Vinglish

Five years ago, Sridevi came back to the silver screen as Shashi. English Vinglish was not just a great movie but also an inspiring story for every house maker’s pursuit to respect.

While this movie had a strong message, all the characters from her English class brought their own brand of fun to the movie. Actually, many movies had characters that add to the humor because of their bad English. Their life is always a mess because of English because Ingliss is, in fact, a phunny language. Here’s a list of some of them:

1. Praful, Khichdi

 5 years of English Vinglish


Remember the anticipation when Praful started his explanation of an English word with an unmistakable “Hansaaa…”? His explanations were funny af but he does need a teacher.

2. Viru, Sholay


If he would have learned English there would be no need of climbing up the tank and threatening Mausi about chakki peesing.

3. Sharafat Ali, Judwaa 2


While the pizza baron Ali’s vocabulary is on point, he does need a proper training in constructing a functional sentence because…you know…he is in London?

4. Bittoo Sharma, Band Baaja Baaraat


He has a great “binness” acumen and ideas and can sing and dance like a star. His only drawback was his English.

5. Mohini, Happy New Year


Even listening to well-spoken English gives her figurative orgasms.She likes an arrogant man who treats her like shit only because he can speak English. It’s not that difficult, Mohini. Shashi did it.

6. Raj Batra, Hindi Medium


It was his interviews that didn’t get his daughter in the top five schools of Delhi. While public and vernacular education is no less, there is no harm in learning English.

7. Ali, Dhoom series


Very fine very fine, very ok very ok. Need we say more?

8. Happy Singh, Singh is Kinng & Bliing


Happy Singh had a hard time impressing his lady love because of the language barrier, he should learn English if he wants to continue the chase.

9. Ramji, Ramji Londonwaley


Ramji struggled throughout his journey in London. He needs it the most, especially now that he is Ramji Londonwaley.

Only if they attended the same class as Shashi, their life would have been so much easier.

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