7 Tweets That All Marvel Fans Can Relate To

Marvel Cinematic Universe has got a huge and loyal fan following. Whether or not you’re a fan of every single superhero that is a part of the Marvel movies, you can’t help being a Marvel fan. But with being a part of a great fan base also comes great responsibility. Thor: Ragnarok comes out in theatres this Friday and the internet is going crazy over it. These tweets show us what every Marvel fan goes through when a new film comes out.

#1. The MCU Marathon 

Before every new release, it’s simply essential to have a Marvel marathon. Sure, there might be work, homework, and deadlines, but this is the highest priority.

#2. The Crazy Fan Theories

Once you have caught up with all the movies, it’s time to get down to the depths of the fan theories found on the web.

#3. Pre-booking the Tickets

It’s a Marvel movie, so the tickets will get sold out if you wait too long. That’s why you need to keep refreshing the movie page and be the first one to get them.

#4. Searching for the Perfect Viewing Partners

It’s always more fun to see the film with friends, but it’s not always easy to assemble the perfect team of superfans to watch it with.

#5. Hunting for Easter Eggs

The biggest Marvel fans will be dissecting every scene as they watch, so they can reveal all the hidden easter eggs that their friends didn’t spot.

#6. Staying on for the Post-Credit Scenes

Marvel is notorious for post-credit scenes, so the work of a Marvel fan is not done even after the film technically ends.

#7. Planning the Re-Watch 

And finally, even after you’ve seen the latest Marvel film in theatres, the fans will find another reason to re-watch it.

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