5 Sleazy Bollywood Sequels That Could Not Matchup to Their Originals

Art always tells a story regardless of the medium. Movies are also a form of art and storytelling. It is generally beyond the common mind’s horizon to look at a story on the whole. It is hard for them to consider the erotic scenes as a critical part of the story than a mere turn on. There are many movies that sneak the thrill behind steamy sequences for maximum impact and it is beautiful. However, Bollywood movies lately have turned towards nudity and vulgarity to gain attention and good opening at theatres. Some movies that did well in the past because of their story packaged with erotica have their sequels with the focus shifted mainly to the latter, and such movies make for the list below.

1. Hate Story 2/3


Hate Story was truly about hate and revenge where a girl takes the empire of a business tycoon down brick by brick using her body. The sequels, however, used the body as a trailer to get the audience with a rather low focus on the story.

2. MA Pass


BA Pass was a neo-noir revolving around a boy named Mukesh. His unending tragedies give us a glimpse of the hell that lies behind the brightness of a city. MA Pass had a cliche plot with not much to look forward to.

3. Ragini MMS 2


While Ragini MMS amalgamated components of horror, paranormal and sex seamlessly, Ragini MMS 2 was just a mix of sequences from famous horror movies executed badly along with Sunny Leone making every frame look hot.

4. Grand Masti


Masti was a fun, light comedy that had its share of innuendos. The film did decently at the box office and was a success on TV. However, its sequels only focussed on sex.

5. Murder 3


Murder and Murder 2 may be famous because of the chemistry between the leads but they were also acclaimed with a good story and thrill. Murder 3 almost lacked everything that the two prequels had.

If you also think that sequels have only defamed the original movies recently then let us know in the comments below.

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