5 Theories About Popular Movies That Will Keep You Up At Night

Some movies are great in themselves, but there are theories that make them infinitely better. While some are confirmed Easter eggs, some are just very convincing speculations. These are the very best theories about popular movies that will change how you see them forever – and positively keep you up at night.

#1. Toy Story

Did you ever wonder what happened to Sid from the first Toy Story after he found out that toys actually had a life? Apart from possibly going through years of therapy, he became a garbage man for one purpose only – to save toys from being thrown away. He can be seen in Toy Story 3.

#2. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Newt’s mistrust of the US version of magical government might be there for another reason than him being British. They’re an authoritarian government that does a lot of morally ambiguous acts. Tina is sentenced to a very cruel execution without a fair trial. They wipe the memories of an entire city. Evil, much?

#3. The Dark Knight

It’s easy to dismiss the Joker as just a mentally unstable character, thus justifying the motivation for his chaotic vibe. But a theory circulating among fans might make his actions more sensible. Joker is a war veteran. He shows strategic knowledge that comes from serving in the military, he has scars which might be from battle and he could be so messed up from PTSD.

#4. Spiderman

Another crazy theory from a superhero film comes from the beloved Spiderman. It’s that Peter Parker’s boss, J Jonah Jameson, knows that he is Spiderman. He’s been in the newspaper business for years, so it’s possible he suspects that the impossible shots of Spiderman that Peter submits aren’t just dumb luck. He could be using Daily Bugle to highlight Spiderman’s failures is to push him to do better, which actually seems to work. JJ doesn’t hate Spiderman; it’s just tough love.

#5. Titanic

Titanic is a timeless classic that people have been obsessing over for years. And with that obsession, comes wild theories. The biggest one yet is this – Jack was a time traveler who was there to make sure the ship sunk. And it all lines up. It’s why he has a modern haircut, he doesn’t have any currency of the time so he gambles. He makes sure that Rose doesn’t commit suicide by drowning otherwise the ship would have stopped to look for her – preventing the collision with the iceberg. It’s also why he’s with her till the very end.

Which of these fan theories amaze you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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