18 Amul Ads That Hilariously Cover Indian Celebrity Controversies Will Make Your Day

Who is not impressed by the Amul ads? Since decades, they have been the wittiest (and probably one of the agilest one) brand to present news to us in the form of cartoons. Even today, we look forward to for their take on the big news of the week. They cover everything from politics to Bollywood and we are surely amused and impressed by their punny take on these issues. Celebrity controversies are covered a lot and everywhere but the Amul’s take on them takes the butter (see what we did there). Here are 18 such ads which will definitely make your day.

1. The AIB Roast Issue

2. When the sets of Padmavati were attacked

3. When this singer was blocked from Twitter

4. Kangana’s appearance on Aap Ki Adalat

5. RJ Malishka’s battle with the BMC

6. Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar Snapchat issue

7. The Kangana – Hrithik chapter

8. When Sonu Nigam held a concert in a plane

9.When Twitterati went on a trolling rampage against the celebrities

10.When Fawad Khan left India

11. When Naseeruddin Shah angered Rajesh Khanna fans

12. The Censor board – Udta Punjab tussle

13. Aamir Khan’s comments on India

14. When the awards were returned

15. When SRK was banned from Wankhede Stadium

16. When he was detained at the airport

17. Abhay Deol calling out everyone in Bollywood

18. When SRK and Aamir Khan had a spat

Which one of these impressed you the most? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share.

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