13 Bollywood Movies You Should Watch If You Want To Torture Yourself

Most films are either good or bad. The ones that create history are those which fall within the extremes. With cinema being such a significant medium of communication, its impact can be felt everywhere. It is therefore important for a film to be sensible and yet entertaining. However, Bollywood movies has treated us with umpteen senseless dramas and comedies which will make us question our own sanity.

Here are some films which we would recommend you to never watch and if you do then watch it at your own risk. We would not be responsible for the consequences.

#1. Aamdani Athani Kharcha Rupaiya

Male chauvinism just attained new heights with this film.


#2. Jaani Dushman

This movie’s VFX will scar you for life.


 #3. Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag

His attempt at creating a tribute to the classic went wrong in at least 31 different ways.


#4. Deshdrohi

You would either want to kill yourself after watching this or make a fool of yourself while tweeting incessantly.


#5. Himmatwala

No comments. Really none.


#6. Sandwich

If you are wondering when this movie released, you are one of the many, many.


#7. Tashan

Stellar cast, no substance. The most talked about thing about this movie is Kareena’s zero size.


#8. Taarzan: The Wonder Car

The car designed by celebrated car designer Dilip Chabbria was the only saving grace here.


#9. Junoon

This falls under animal cruelty – that tiger did nothing wrong.


#10. Aap Ka Suroor

Only Himesh can watch this film until the end.


#11. Drona

Superman and Batman don’t come to India because we have Drona.


#12. Humshakals

Nothing can be worse than this.


#13. Saawan

The most annoying wtf plots to ever take shape in the history of Bollywood.


Can you think of more such films that can give the ones on our list a tough competition? Let us know in the comment below.

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