11 Really Short Short Films You Can Watch While You Answer Nature’s Call

Short films are a powerful medium for telling larger stories in a shorter time. Sometimes they have hidden meanings inside the multilayered story or sometimes they just throw the truth on your face with a simple instance. Every short is different yet they are highly intriguing.

Short films are meant to entertain and educate you and what’s a better time to watch them than sitting on the pot? Here we have listed 10 short films that are so short you can finish them while you finish…ahem…other business.

1. Support

A dying man in an intensive care unit decides to take his fate into his own hands but the end is not easy.

2. Dadi

An elderly lady longs for simple and lovely fleeting moments spent with family. The short throws light on how negligent we become during the twilight years of our parents.

3. I Am All Ears

Don’t we all need someone to just listen? This short is about one such person who, in spite of having nothing, gives everyone something they need the most.

4. Chalk

This short based on a small incident pierces through your heart as you see the child striving for a mother’s embrace.

5. Share, Care, Joy

As a tribute to the Joy of Giving Week, this short will leave you with a smile on your face as you’re about to find out about the joy of giving.

6. What’s Virgin Mean?

It is just that sometimes little questions need a rather big answer.

7. Fate

To know where your fate will take you to and how closely it is entwined with someone else is what makes life so unpredictable.

8. The Last Day

After 8 years of staying together, one of the two roommates is moving out. How will they part ways? Can they say it all in the final few minutes?

9. The Black Hole

A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole – and then greed gets the better of him.

10. Hind

The short follows the life of an old man from Lucknow, India, and his contribution towards a temple which has been an integral part of his life for many years.

11. The Day After

Whenever a loved one goes missing you panic. But there’s always a bigger picture of what you have already imagined.

Watch them all and let us know which one you like the most.

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