10 Bollywood Stars Who Can Put The Hollywood Superheroes Out Of Work

All of us have a favorite superhero and accordingly a favorite superpower. Hollywood has been leveling up its game when it comes to superhero movies, be it the story, VFX or the superpowers. And all we have in Bollywood is Flying Jatt, Krrish, and Mr. India; and who can forget Gayab? (apparently, everyone)

While Marvel is said to never go wrong with their casting, we have a wishlist. Marvel and DC – take a note:

1. Shah Rukh Khan – Iron Man

Known for his quick wit, attitude, and charm, Iron Man aka Tony Stark has no better match than Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood.

2. Ajay Devgn – Batman

Ajay Devgn will do justice to both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Also, his entry can be him standing on two Batmobiles.

3. Akshay Kumar – Captain America

Akshay Kumar still looks 30 in his 50s, who else has this superpower?

4. Salman Khan – Hulk

Anger issues and a great physique – it all just fits.

5. Priyanka Chopra – Wonder Woman

She is versatile and has always amazed us with her work; kinda an IRL Wonder Woman.

6. Aamir Khan – Hawk Eye

Only a perfectionist can have the aim that Hawkeye possesses.

7. Katrina Kaif – Black Widow

The fit Katrina is fit to be the Black Widow. She will be a treat to the eyes while fighting all the robots and aliens.

8. Hrithik Roshan – Superman

The sexiest man has all it takes to be the Superman. Plus he will be wearing tights. What else does one want from cinema?

9. Ranveer Singh – Ant Man

Funny? Check. Smart? Check. A little weird? Check. Ranveer Singh is totally the person who’ll try all the buttons on his super suit just for fun (without any idea about their functions).

10. Tiger Shroff – Thor

Because he is worthy.

No matter how much we want to have a superpower, we’ll have to make peace with comics and movies for now.

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