Top Ten Movies to Watch With Kids This Summer

The time when swimming pools come alive, beaches are the only go-to destinations and summer camps are something that your kids look forward to. Yes, summer vacations are here, and so, is their excitement! But, what if, you have no plans for your kids, this summer. Well, we have an ideal activity for you to engage your kids into. Why not watch movies? Can it not be the most fun and relaxed way to spend summer vacations? So, let’s ditch mall hoping, vacations and those summer camps. Make a theater of your own and enjoy these ten movies within the comfort of your homes. Isn’t that the best way to spend quality time with your kids?

Well, while you think on that thought, here are ten movies that you must let your kid watch during their summer vacations. Believe me, it is the much-needed escape from the heat, for the movie lovers.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Kids Film Snow White

The famous story of a prince rescuing a damsel in distress should be watched at least once. Now, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs might have some scenes that are violent or horrific for children. But there is no fun without a little scare. What say?

Finding Nemo 

Kids Movie Finding Nemo

Imagine a hot summer day. No respite from that right? Now, imagine a movie which takes you deep into an ocean amidst colorful fishes. It can be really soothing! Also, Finding Nemo is one of the movies that beautifully highlights a father-son relationship. A great lesson for your kid to learn.

The Jungle Book

Kids Movie The Jungle Book

Jon Favreau’s attempt to recreate the magic of Mowgli was indeed a huge success. The adventurous journey of Mowgli in the jungle will intrigue kids throughout. The spectacular animation and a great story are what makes ‘The Jungle Book’ an interesting watch.

The Despicable Me Series

Kids Movie Despicable Me

Who doesn’t like cute little minions blabbering in their own language? Despicable Me series is one such film that will make the boring summer afternoons interesting.


Kids Movie Zootopia

An interesting tale of a bunny cop and a con artist fox who are working against a conspiracy. The story unfolds with modesty and has some hilarious and intellectual moments too.

Toy Story

Kids Movie Toy Story

Touted to be one of the best movies of the 90’s, Toy Story is a remarkable piece of art. A film as charming as Toy Story must not be missed. So, let your kid enjoy this movie with a big tub of popcorn.


Kids Movie Frozen

Frozen narrates the tale of two royal sisters, one of them is blessed with special powers. This movie is all about various emotions amalgamated and beautifully presented on screen. A film like Frozen which also focuses on sisterhood cannot be missed for sure.


Kids Movie Dumbo

Dumbo is one of the most interesting movies made by Walt Disney. A delight to watch, this animated movie is full of hilarious moments. It is an interesting story of an elephant with exceptionally large years, who befriends a mouse. The mouse then motivates him to make full use of his potential.

The Lion King

Kids Movie The Lion King

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this movie should definitely be on the watch list of children. With ‘The Lion King’, comes a great story, skilled animation, and some important lessons for kids.

Big Hero 6

Kids Movie Big Hero

Directed by Chris Williams and Don Hall, Big Hero 6 is a kind of film that is meant to charm its audience. The special bond between Hiro and Baymax is something that will surely melt hearts. Go for it and make the lousy summer days exciting for kids.

After all, going somewhere is not the only thing to do during summer vacations!

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Manvi Sharma

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