How To Wear Tassel Earrings Like Kareena Kapoor And Rock The Style!

We usually don’t think much when we are pairing our earrings with the outfit. We somehow know which will suit the outfit and tend to wear that usually. But tassel earrings are probably something you have been admiring but never quite dared to try to incorporate into your outfit.

1. Combine your statement earrings with your outfit

earring 1

It can be very daunting to pick a perfect pair of statement earrings that match your outfit. The earrings though is an accessory, it changes how the outfit looks like in the end. Try to be careful to not look over-the-top. When wearing a pair of haute couture earrings, you may start by picking an outfit that matches with the shade of your accessory to look coordinated and polished.

2. The right hairstyle

earrings 2

A ponytail or updo is the most efficient way to show off your punchy baubles. The more minimal your hairdo, the more attention your earrings will get. After all, that’s the plan, right?

3. Keep other jewellery minimal

earrings 3

Absolutely no other jewellery. No no to the neck pieces, or it will look like you are over doing it.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

earrings 4

This season’s trendy ear candy can easily range from elegant to exotic. Get out of your comfort zone and try an extra looooong and funky pair — you won’t regret it.

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