6 Iconic Comic Roles of Paresh Rawal We Can Never Get Bored Of

Who can forget the man with too many questions in Judaai or the dialogue “Teja Main Hoon, Mark Idhar Hai’ from Andaz Apna Apna? It’s beyond question that no one can match Paresh Rawal’s acting prowess. He has played various different roles like that of a different-abled man in Raja, a eunuch in Tamanna, a dual role in the cult classic comedy Andaz Apna Apna, a troubled landlord in Hera Pheri, an annoyed cook in Garam Masala, a man teaching his son’s offenders a lesson in Table No. 21, and an atheist in OMG – Oh My God!. One thing is for sure, his screen presence unmatched.

While there have been various movies where he has played negative and serious roles, but his comic timing is something that cannot be ignored at all.

Andaz Apna Apna
Even though the Andaz Apna Apna starred both the Khans, Aamir and Salman, I think, the movie belonged to Paresh Rawal. Everything about the movie was hilarious but Paresh Rawal’s performance, comic timing, and dialogue delivery was something else altogether. Some of his most iconic dialogues from the movie are “Teja main hoon, mark idhar hai”, “Kiske maama ki gun hai?”, and “Bread ka badshah aur omelette ka raja, Bajaj. Humaara Bajaj” among many other that avid fans of the movie will remember.

Paresh Rawal’s portrayal of the forever-curious landlord Hasmukhlal in Judaai gave the audience a break from the high-on-drama movie, leaving them in splits. While he had constant ‘kyu’ and ‘kya’ in every statement, paying attention to detail, Hasmukhlal’s character also had a well-placed question mark on his forehead.

Hera Pheri
Paresh Rawal immortalized the character of Baburao Ganpatrao Apte from the 2000 comedy Hera Pheri. The man, despite being in heavy debts, has a large heart and lets two people live in his house, resulting in a number of comical and life-changing events. Seventeen years after its release, the audience still remembers his performance in and dialogues from the movie. The most appropriate thing to say to this would be, “Yeh Baburao ka style hai.”

Playing the role of a village-based businessman Radheyshyam Tiwari, Paresh Rawal’s camaraderie with all of his co-stars like Shakti Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna, and Shoma Anand is a treat for the audience. The movie is all about one simple lie that leads to a lot of chaotic confusion. The banter between him and his wife, his arguments with Kachra Seth and Jeetu from Videocon, and the climax are the things to watch out for. Paresh Rawal’s dialogue delivery, facial expressions, and just his screen presence are, quite honestly, beyond anyone’s critique.

Leading a dual life in Hulchul, one of Paresh Rawal’s character, Kishan, leads the life of a Brahmachari, a man abstaining from marital relationships, in his father’s house, while the other, Murari, lives with his wife and children in a city far away from his father’s home. When his lid is blown, a string of comical situations arises, leaving the audience in splits.

Garam Masala
What a laughter riot this movie is. Although Paresh Rawal doesn’t have many dialogues in the movie, his expressions and body language are just enough to make the audience laugh out loud in their seats. He is seen portraying the role of a rather grumpy and always annoyed cook who tries to cover up for his philanderous boss. Surely, this is one of his most memorable comical performances, in my opinion.

Time and again, Paresh Rawal has wowed us with his performance. Although I have listed down few of his best comic performances, I would not want to label him as the best comedian in the industry for I consider him to be one of the best actors, be it stage or movies, in the country.

Given his illustrious career, it would be rather difficult for anyone to put down his phenomenal career graph in an article. This is a small, little tribute to one of my most favorite actors!

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